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Snow Day ❄️

While the snow may have caused chaos for us grown ups this morning, the children still loved it. At break time, we went outside for some fun in the snow, it really is magical seeing how much a small amount of snow can capture imagination. The children built models and snow men and had snow ball fights. Note to self - don't start a snowball fight with a group of 7 year olds, you will very quickly be outnumbered by the whole school and end up very soggy! ❄️😰

Please remember that we can only take children outside to enjoy snowy weather if they have a spare pair of shoes (wellies or boots) so that they can wear these outside and not get soggy school shoes. Every day all children must have coats and appropriate layers (hats etc) and please make sure children wearing skirts don't have bare legs when it is so chilly outside! We love getting out and having fun in all weather and want as many children to be able to join in as possible ☺️

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A message that is important today and everyday. We are so proud of the work we do in school and our community to normalise the stigma around mental health and our children's openness, exceptional behaviour and kindness to one another shows the impact of this.

For today, please be kind. In all situations, online or in real life. You never know what is happening behind closed doors. Be an ear for friends and family when they need you. Most importantly, talk. Talk to anyone. Friends, family, strangers, professionals or to us. The impact of talking is huge. We need to pave the way for our children and lead by example.

#mentalhealthmatters 💞

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Gymnastics competition 🤸🏻‍♀️ AMAZING NEWS ✨

Yesterday, 12 children from year 3 and 4 travelled to Wentworth to compete in the school games gymnastics competition.

I have very little to do with gymnastics (not my strong suit! Ha) and was therefore blown away by the talent on show yesterday. The skill level was brilliant, but also the relisience, bravery, attitude and team spirit of every child there made me a very proud teacher.

RESULTS!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I am so pleased to announce that our BLUE team won the competition with a massive score of 110 out of 120. This means that Prudhoe West will represent Tynedale at the county championship finals at Cramlington in June (more info to follow!!)

The other brilliant news is that our red team came 5th out of 25 teams which is a huge achievement!! With a score of 100/120. This again makes me so proud, particularly with the members of this team completing moves they never have before!

Both teams will receive certificates, and spirit of the award certificates when back at school for their participation and also for their top 5 finish, well done!

Individual scores:✨✨✨

I can't believe I still have more good news.

Ava in Year 4 came 1st place out of 150 competitors with an amazing score of 19.2 out of 20! Well done ☺️

Amelia in Year 4 came 3rd place out of 150 competitors with a score of 18.7 out of 20! Well done ☺️

I have requested individual scores for all of our children so they can have these to cherish and try to beat! Let Gayle or I (Miss Gray) know at club after half term if you would like to know this score!

Finally, I'm sure you will agree we have to say a MASSIVE thank you to Gayle who has been our gymnastics teacher at PWA for years. We are extremely lucky to have the excellent coaching and facilities we have for children across school, which is proven by these brilliant results, and our track record in this competition!!

Happy Half Term!! 🎉🎊

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Check out our amazing choir and their entry for the @achrisevans @VirginRadioUK Breakfast Show 12 Schools of Christmas competition with @SkyCinemaUK and @SkyAcademy Please retweet far and wide. We want to win!!! @WiseAcademies

Let’s get this video of our AMAZING choir shared for @VirginRadioUK & Sky Cinema’s 12 Schools of Christmas Competition! Look at their little happy faces! How could this not bring a smile to your face?❤🎶 #cutefactor #12schoolsofchristmas #skycinema #chrisevansbreakfastshow

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